Contractor PDF Bid Forms

Our easy to use, good looking, hard working contractor forms can impress clients and win more jobs for just $9.95 each. Our contractor bid forms include remodeling, proposals, contracts, invoices, and many more!


Your image and reputation are everything when it comes to landing new business. Impress those customers and win more jobs with professional looking proposals, estimates, and general business forms. It is pretty much a no-brainer that the guy that looks the most professional is going to get noticed. With TheMANager forms you have just what you need to stand out from the crowd and land those clients. Now get to work!

How the PDF Form Files Work

Forms are Adobe® pdf files so you can use them again and again. Fill them in on your computer or print out blank and fill in by hand. You can also email them to your clients.

Try It For Free!

You can download a test pdf file by clicking on this Download Sample PDF link and save it onto your hard drive.

  1. After you download the pdf to your desktop, using the mouse, roll the curser over the first field and click on it.
  2. Type your information into the field.
  3. Use the tab key to move the cursor to the next field.


It’s that easy to use the forms!

How to Purchase Forms

  1. Email us at indicating which form(s) you want to buy.
  2. We will then email you a PayPal invoice.
  3. You make payment using PayPal.
  4. After receiving your payment, we email you the form(s) you ordered and will also send you a free Terms & Conditions PDF form!


It’s that easy to get the forms!

Free Bonus Offer

If you buy just one form for $9.95 you will also get a Terms and Conditions PDF form for free!