How TheMANager™ Forms Work


•  Easy to use Adobe Reader® PDF format

•  The forms do the calculations for you

•  A professional look to enhance your image

•  Use them as many times as you want


What is Adobe Reader™?

Adobe Reader is free software that lets you open, view, search, save data added to forms, and print PDF files. Reader software is on most computers but we’ve included installers on the enclosed CD in case you need it. If you have any problems with the enclosed installation disk, Reader is available as a free download directly from Adobe at The Adobe website will match your operating system with the appropriate Reader download.


Using TheMANager™ PDF Forms
  1. We suggest you create a “TheMANager Forms” folder on your computer and save the PDF files in it. (We also suggest you make frequent backups so you don’t lose your data.)
  2. Open Adobe Reader.
  3. Open TheMANager™ PDF form you want to use. Above the form you will an option to Highlight Fields. See Figure 1. It is easier to see where to type if you have the fields highlighted.
  4. Using the mouse, roll the cursor over the first field and click on it anywhere. The first field is the area where you type in your company name and address. See Figure 2. Contractors with logos may choose to use a rubber stamp in this field after they have printed the form.
  5. Type your data into the field.
  6. Use the “return” key to go to the next line; use the “tab” key to move the cursor to the next field.
  7. Save your file using a unique name (so that you don’t overwrite any other files). Use any naming style you wish but be sure to leave the .pdf extension at the end of the file name so your computer can recognize it and open it.


Calculated Fields

On many of TheMANager™ forms there are calculated fields (Figure 3). A calculated field takes information from one or more other fields and performs mathematical operations. Calculated fields can be easily recognized by the fact they have $0.00 appearing in the total boxes. You cannot type a number directly into a calculated field. You must input numbers into the fields prior to the total field.


Are TheMANager PDF forms secure?

No. In order for Adobe Reader to allow for saving files with your data, the security features in the PDF file have not been enabled. Adobe Reader does not currently allow the user to “lock” the file. If you email the form to a client, they would be able to make changes to the file. We suggest instead that you print the completed form when giving it to your client. If you do email it to your client be sure to recheck all the figures when you get it back to be sure that they haven’t changed anything.